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Modofac Productions, LLC is an Illinois LLC producing dramatic works, movies, and literature.

Hank Perritt (Playwright) is Professor of Law and former Dean at Chicago-Kent College of Law. He wrote and produced You Took Away My Flag: a Musical About Kosovo, a sung-through musical, which enjoyed a short run at Strawdog Theatre in Chicago in 2009 and an eight-week run at Theatre Building Chicago in 2010. A movie derived from the story in the musical is under development, with a trailer having been shot and released in 2011. His new play Giving Ground was produced by The Artistic Home and the Chicago Bar Association on 3 May 2012 His novel, Arian, was published earlier this year, and his second novel, Jovan, is scheduled for publication by mid-year.  He is Vice President and member of the board of directors of The Artistic Home theatre, and Producer and Managing Member of Modofac Productions, LLC. He has written extensively on Internet law, employment law, and on the future of the music and movie industries.

He rowed lightweight crew as a freshman at MIT.


He has known that he was gay since he was about four years old, but was too terrified to tell anyone until he was in his mid-thirties. He was blessed by being in a loving, but tumultuous, relationship with Mitchell Bergmann for 25 years. Mitchell died in July, 2010.


He is a member of the bar of Virginia (inactive), Pennsylvania (inactive), the District of Columbia, Maryland, Illinois, and the Supreme Court of the United States.  He holds an SB in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT, an SM in Management from MIT's Sloan School, and a JD from Georgetown University Law Center.